Where to Get Your Slideshow Made?

March 03, 2016

Smiling Snaps Productions has reached a new milestone in 2015! I am excited that our slideshows have now been enjoyed in all 50 states. Apart from the US, I have also made slideshows for clients in Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, India, and Malaysia.

The internet and better communication technology has made places across the globe as accessible as being in the same state or even the same town. Websites are just a click away and with high-speed internet, sending picture and video files takes only minutes!

Yet, one of the most frequently asked questions in my phone conversations with clients is: Where are you located? Not long ago, I used to get cold feet with that question.

But over the years, I have become very confident. My clients have consistently shared positive reviews on Facebook and Google and let me know that distance has not affected the quality of my work in any way. I cannot thank them enough for sharing their experiences with the world. Here are some testimonials that prove that you could be in Illinois, California, Florida or down the street from me, here in New Jersey - you would still get the same great quality of service from Smiling Snaps!

Testimonial Facebook

Testimonial Facebook

Testimonial Google

I am located in New Jersey but I have clients from all over the United States- and many from Canada, UK, Australia and other countries. All my communications with clients are through email and phone. As long as I can reach you by these means, I'll be happy to make a Slideshow DVD for you!

Thank you and Keep Smiling!

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